How It Works

The process of placing an order for academic writing service at Brilliant Writer UK consists of a few simple steps including Sign up or Registration, Fill in the Order Form, Make the payment, Order is Processed, Draft is sent, and Final Order Delivery. Detail account for the process can be found below:

  • Sign up or Registration

The first step of placing an order for an academic paper on Brilliant Writer UK is to sign up or register on the website. For this purpose, we have provided a registration form on the website. You need to provide details such as name, email ID, phone number, and country. Once sign up form is submitted we send you a confirmation email along with a verification URL, which can be clicked to verify the account creation.

  • Fill in Order Form

Once sign up form is submitted and the account is verified, you are ready to place your first order. We have provided an online order form on our website. It is important that order form is filled accurately and completely to avoid any inconvenience caused by wrong information. Moreover, filling order form accurately helps in assigning an appropriate writer.

  • Make Payment

Once the order form is filled, the next step is to make the payment. If you have a regular assignment or essay, you will have to pay full amount upfront. If you have a dissertation, thesis or a large project which exceeds the amount to£200 to£300, you can request for instalment. Thus, to get started with the order, it is a must that you pay an initial amount or first instalment of the payment.  

  • Order is processed

After payment is made and verified, we assign a team to go through your order details based on which an adequate writer can be assigned. Once a writer is assigned, he reviews the requirements of the order in detail and carried out in-depth research to gather the material and prepare an initial draft of the order to be shared with the client or student.

  • Draft is Sent 

Once draft is ready it is shared with the client for preview. Client or student can review the draft themselves or show it to the tutor or supervisor to seek their feedback. The client can share his or his tutor’s feedback with the writer for draft. The writer will rework on the draft based on the feedback and continue further to complete the order.

  • Final Order Delivery

Once the writing of the order is complete, it is then sent to the Quality Assurance (QA) department to ensure that the paper meets the defined standard and does not contain any discrepancy in terms of plagiarism, language and relevance of the paper. Upon clearance from the QA department, the final document of the order is delivered via email and also uploaded on the student area which can be accessed by logging into your account on our website.